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Maung, Joanna "Saung-gah-base" #13

Gender: F
Birthdate: 1988-06-10

2003: Third Baseman (Backup Third Baseman), salary: $1
Statistics - Batting
2004: Third Baseman (Backup Third Baseman), salary: $1
Statistics - Batting
2005: Third Baseman (Backup Third Baseman), salary: $1
It was another year of slight improvement for the young third basewoman. Playing sparingly again (56 games, 186 AB), Maung put up some fairly good numbers - a .306-.378-.435 line, marking a good increase in her contact abilities, although this was somewhat negated by a decreased ability to garner walks - 21 in 207 plate appearances, compared to 26 in 186 the year. Nevertheless, she saw a second consecutive increase in her OPS. Whether she likes it or not, however, Maung seems set to be cast into the frying pan come next season - with the imminent departure of Joey Wong, Maung is left as the only player with significant experience fielding 3rd base, where she carries a 61-rating defense. Maung will have to demonstrate her ability to both field 3rd and improve her performance against lefties, against whom she batted .206-.325-.441 this season.
Statistics - Batting
2006: Third Baseman (Starting Third Baseman), salary: $1
After 3 years in the shadow of Joey Wong, Maung finally got her chance starting a full season at 3B. Long a pinch hitter and bit-role player (averaging 160 ABs per year), Maung was perhaps the least experienced of the four year players. How did she do? Well, the worst that could have been expected a .281-.351-.379 line that was far below her career numbers, and a scarily declining rate of walks and increase in strikeouts. Given the transition into full-time starter, most of this was to be expected, and Maung can only look to improve upon her numbers in 2007.
Statistics - Batting
2007: Third Baseman (Starting Third Baseman), salary: $1500000
2021 season currently underway!
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Career Statistics - Batting
2003151Backup Third Baseman39361581353790020252320100N/A1040.2740.3670.3410.70818.224.730.327
2004161Backup Third Baseman50441891604460331302526100N/A1250.2750.3760.3690.74423.285.030.306
2005171Backup Third Baseman56482101865760632322621110100.001330.3060.3810.4350.81631.796.450.329
2006181Starting Third Baseman1471466075441532111065858555580100.004040.2810.3510.3790.73077.265.160.316
2007191500000Starting Third Baseman878134931190130342483333140100.002330.2890.3550.3600.71542.904.970.312
Career1500004Backup Third Baseman37935515131336381551221902201921559130100.009990.2850.3610.3770.738193.425.230.317