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Wong, Joey #89

Gender: M
Birthdate: 1988-09-01

2003: Third Baseman (Starting Third Baseman), salary: $1
Statistics - Batting
2004: Third Baseman (Starting Third Baseman), salary: $1
Statistics - Batting
2005: Third Baseman (Starting Third Baseman), salary: $1
With the big losses of Ho and Tienturier, much of the burden fell on Wong as the primary run producer, especially after Lew's injury and subsequent troubles. Wong didn't disappoint, and in this, his final year, finally captured the batter of the year award in which he had long been overshadowed by five tool players Ho and Tienturier. Wong finished .001 behind batting champion Nghe, and was #3 in OPS in the league, #8 overall in the entire Monti league, and finished 2nd with 148.5 runs created. The overall season was fairly on par with Wong's career numbers he finished with a .361-.421-.567 line, and 130 RBIs and 124 Runs, to lead the team. For his career, he finished with 1924 at bats in 474 games, accumulating 707 hits, 115 doubles, 10 triples, and 92 HR, along with 421 RBI, 396 Runs, 220 K's to 203 walks, and 31 stolen bases, for a .367-.427-.581 line, making him the team's all-time leader in HR, RBI, Runs, Hits, and Batting Average.
Statistics - Batting
Career Statistics - Batting
2003151Starting Third Baseman1611617286422364952815713173771200100.004340.3680.4330.5901.023150.659.370.380
2004161Starting Third Baseman162162740665248401331341416768430100.004410.3730.4320.5851.017153.159.380.379
2005171Starting Third Baseman151150692617223264311301248067180100.004140.3610.4210.5670.988139.279.080.374
Career3Starting Third Baseman4744732160192470711510924213962202126310100.0012890.3670.4290.5811.010443.079.280.378