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Chee, Jonathan "The Cheet" #59

Gender: M
Birthdate: 1988-09-09

2003: Designated Hitter (Designated Hitter), salary: $1
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2004: Designated Hitter (Designated Hitter), salary: $1
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2005: Designated Hitter (Designated Hitter), salary: $1
After a dreadful 2004 spent in and out of a starting role, Chee returned to the Leftfield position he held in 2003, and in the two years since, has shown some dramatic development as a hitter. Chee started out slowly, with a .226-.314-.387 line, causing him to only play 8 games all of April (and allowing players like Tiffany Ho and Jason Liu a chance in the outfield). Chee bounced back in May, however, with a .324-.472-.471 line, buoyed by a monthly high 12 hit-by-pitches, despite only 88 plate appearances overall. Fully up to speed now, Chee found himself firmly in a starting role, and put up a solid and surprisingly consistent performance throughout the rest of the season, coming on fire in September when he belted out a .383-.495-.580 month, combined with a 12 hit-by-pitch surge that brought his total to a league-leading 49. For the season, Chee went .312-.436-.424, 3rd, 1st, and 8th on the team, respectively. Chee also piggy-backed a league-high 20 steals on double steals with Cubilo and Ortiz, a dramatic feat considering his 10 (out of 100) running speed and 5 stealing ability.
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2006: Leftfielder (Backup Leftfielder), salary: $1
After one heck of a comeback campaign in 2005, it was perhaps Chee’s turn to fall flat once again. Jonathan played extremely well in the first half, especially with a huge .347-.436-.545 month in May, but began showing a rapid decline in skills – his 1st half/2nd half splits were .318-.416-.449/.204-.360-.282. Nonetheless, Chee still led the league in hit-by-pitches – 46 to Jabba Desilijic-Ture’s 30 and Francis Chen’s 26, and demonstrated an improved batting eye – his OBP-AVG (OBP minus AVG) difference was .099 in the first half, and a staggering .156 in the second half. Chee performed well in the playoffs, with a .327-.469-.490 line, and maintained his ~1.4 SLG/AVG ratio in the second half, so it seems only a matter of making good contact with the ball again. Whether Chee can still catch up to major league pitching, however, is a big question indeed heading into 2007.
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2007: Leftfielder (Designated Hitter), salary: $4500000
2024 season currently underway!
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Career Statistics - Batting
2003151Designated Hitter1441426015251461828686811270430100.003890.2780.3660.3660.73277.395.370.339
2004161Designated Hitter54532121783930417284034010100.001430.2190.3440.3030.64821.414.040.261
2005171Designated Hitter11911755044613923097393655249200100.003200.3120.4360.4240.86093.947.930.347
2006181Backup Leftfielder1411406685511461621373104816646190100.004180.2650.3860.3720.75894.216.090.288
2007194500000Designated Hitter6664282225581011262730371860100.001750.2580.4010.3240.72536.525.630.291
Career4500004Designated Hitter5245162313192552870535257320328259117490100.0014450.2740.3910.3700.761323.276.040.313