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Lau, Sam #54

Gender: M
Birthdate: 1988-10-21

2003: Catcher (Starting Catcher), salary: $1
Statistics - Batting
2004: Catcher (Starting Catcher), salary: $1
Statistics - Batting
2005: Catcher (Starting Catcher), salary: $1
The team's longtime catcher returned to full-time duty in 2005, after a 2004 season split with then-rookie Tina Quach, and Lau came back with fury, posting career highs in almost every category - his .304-.397-.498 line completely obliterated his career averages, as Lau also put up 161 hits, 26 doubles, and 25 homeruns in 530 at bats. Lau also hit 113 RBI and scored 105 runs, one of four 100-100 players on the team, and made it to the all-star game for the first time in his career. On top of consistently hitting well, Lau also came through in the clutch when it counted - his line bumped up to a .352-.430-.582 with runners in scoring position, and an even greater .356-.456-.733 in close/late situations. Unfortunately, 2005 will go down as the final year for Sam Lau, who moves on to Daly City's AAA affiliate, but not before posting his .278-.381-.463 line and going down in history as high OBP, power- hitting first catcher of the Daly City Montis.
Statistics - Batting
Career Statistics - Batting
2003151Starting Catcher155155665548146193241049762981050100.004210.2660.3820.4430.825100.326.430.259
2004161Starting Catcher1101094573871011701874633863250100.002970.2610.3630.4440.80866.246.020.247
2005171Starting Catcher1401396235301612612511310546751150100.003910.3040.3960.4980.895104.937.250.292
Career3Starting Catcher405403174514654086246729126514623623150100.0011090.2780.3820.4630.846271.466.610.268