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Nghe, Henry "Mr." #29

Gender: M
Birthdate: 1977-08-23

2004: Shortstop (Backup Shortstop), salary: $1
Statistics - Batting
2005: Shortstop (Starting Shortstop), salary: $1
The "rookie", if a 28-year old can be called that, was a huge question mark entering the season. He seemed to have mediocre skills, and few believed he could jump in and begin replicating the OBP ability of the prior year's Sean Mok to set the table. Instead, Nghe surprised many with his first .324-.389-.520 month, where he began a precipitous rise until the climactic month of August, where he posted a gaudy .414-.439-.638 line that solidified him as one of the premiere players of the game. Instead of being a bottom-of-the-order player, or even a top of the order table setter, by mid-season Nghe had found himself hitting in the #5 spot behind Joey Wong, with his league-leading .362 AVG and propensity for hitting big (49 doubles, 13 triples, and 74 extra base hits to lead the team) that would eventually lead to his winning the Rookie of the Year award. Barring a sophomore slump, Nghe looks poised to become one of the best shortstops in the league, and take on a role as one of the primary run producers of the team, especially with star 3B Joey Wong retiring.
Statistics - Batting
2006: Shortstop (Starting Shortstop), salary: $1
Where’s the magic gone for last year’s rookie of the year? Hitting from the #5 spot – the cleaning up the cleanup spot – Nghe had a phenomenal year behind the plate – yet missed all expectations. While nobody expected him to go .362-.408-.545 like he did his rookie year, and many skeptic figured he’d do much worse, Nghe put up a very respectable .305 AVG and .386 OBP… yet fell flat with a .429 SLG. Nghe played great throughout most of the season, consistently hitting for a good average and getting on base, yet never managed to find the pop he had in 2005 – aside from very good months at the beginning (.336-.430-.536 in April) and the end (.375-.449-.558 in September), Nghe hovered in the .280-.360-.370 range all season. Nonetheless, Nghe was good on the field and on the basepaths, going 34 for 41, 83%, against last year’s 19 for 28, 68%, and the flashes of his rookie brilliance he showed in April and September.
Statistics - Batting
2007: Shortstop (Starting Shortstop), salary: $3785714
2022 season currently underway!
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Career Statistics - Batting
2004271Backup Shortstop33121130001241000N/A90.2730.3330.2730.6060.832.490.429
2005281Starting Shortstop1481466596072204913121001188946319967.864120.3620.4080.5450.953125.048.190.409
2006291Starting Shortstop162162721632193434994959178734782.934670.3050.3860.4290.814107.056.190.343
2007303785714Starting Shortstop107104452408110257866565737290100.003160.2700.3300.4240.75456.524.830.293
Career3785717Starting Shortstop42041518441658526117242926127124116212621679.4912040.3170.3800.4690.849289.186.480.355