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Poon, Angel #99

Gender: F
Birthdate: 1988-02-18

2003: Relief Pitcher (Setup Reliever), salary: $1
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2004: Relief Pitcher (Middle Reliever), salary: $1
Statistics - Pitching
2005: Relief Pitcher (Middle Reliever), salary: $1
As the teamís middle reliever, a supersized rotation meant that the bullpen saw little work this year, and having been displaced as the teamís top reliever by now-setup reliever Alvina Chu, Poon worked only 50 innings, compared to 65 the past two seasons. Poonís ERA also saw a bump from a 2.88 ERA 2004, although this was somewhat expected given the rather high 1.14 WHIP last year. Overall, Poon was very effective during the three-month middle summer stretch from May-July, but she got slammed in the other months, resulting in a fairly average overall season.
Statistics - Pitching
2006: Relief Pitcher (Middle Reliever), salary: $1
For Daly Cityís veteran reliever, things seem to have stagnated over the past two years. Once looking up with a 2.88 ERA season in 2004, Poon has faced declining appearances, innings, and ERA numbers ever since. This season she threw only 44 innings, the lowest out of Daly Cityís five primary relievers, and was bogged down all season by a slow start in the first two months of the season, where she accumulated a 6.61 ERA. Things fared better for Poon in the middle of the season, where in the 3-month summer stretch from May-August, she put up a 2.00 ERA and 0.72 WHIP. Perhaps sheís still got more left in the tank, but as Daly Cityís longest tenured reliever, the first to break the 200-inning career relief innings mark (which she reached this season), the 18-year old reliever may be past her prime and on the decline already.
Statistics - Pitching
Career Statistics - Pitching
2003151Setup Reliever41032131365.006393011451000N/AN/A4.153.474.021.140.2810.2520.2890.3880.6777.0626.153.40
2004161Middle Reliever2804140265.676282113046000N/AN/A2.883.213.941.140.2780.2500.2860.4150.7026.3023.353.54
2005171Middle Reliever2702222450.334982111345000N/AN/A3.764.
2006181Middle Reliever2400000044.00418208429000N/AN/A4.093.784.961.110.2540.2470.3000.4280.7285.9321.972.42
Career4Middle Reliever1200957519225.0021533924311171000N/AN/A3.683.574.211.150.2800.2530.2950.4170.7126.8425.333.17