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Quach, Tina "Experimental Error" #8

Gender: F
Birthdate: 1988-11-11

2004: Catcher (Backup Catcher), salary: $1
Statistics - Batting
2005: Catcher (Backup Catcher), salary: $1
Backup catcher Tina Quach found herself in much the same role she had last season, seeing significant playing time both at catcher and in the outfield. Quach started out the season abysmally, posting a .167-.286-.333 line in April, and following it up with a .172-.351-.207 May. She began to come to life after that, however, and exploded through June-July-August, eventually ending up with a .303-.386-.433 season in 290 plate appearances, similar to the .299-.386-.409 line she posted in 2004. With a second solid, albeit once again part time season, the Experimental Error seems to have established herself as a passable hitter - good average with a high OBP, although not quite much in the power department. Her abilities will be tested, especially on defense, when she moves in to become the team's starting catcher in 2006.
Statistics - Batting
2006: Catcher (Starting Catcher), salary: $1
Finally emerging from under the shadows of long-time catcher Sam Lau, Quach got her first chance at a starting role this season. Having done incredibly well the past two seasons in a part-time role (accumulating about a half-seasonís worth of plate appearances in 2003 and 2004), Quach projected as a light-hitting, good OBP catcher, with decent defense behind the plate but a poor arm overall. Quach pretty much lived up to just that, going .286-.363-.380, which was off from her half-season numbers, but still fit into her player profile and was above-average on the Daly City team. Behind the plate, Tinaís runners thrown out percentage was a mere 30.8%, a far cry from the 50% numbers Lau used to achieve annually, but still good enough to rank 7th out of 16 teams. Overall, about what was to be expected from Quach, if not a little disappointing on the development of hitting. Perhaps with another year adapted to the rigors of a full season, Quach will pick up with the .300-.380-430 numbers she showed in a part-time role.
Statistics - Batting
2007: Catcher (Starting Catcher), salary: $1278571
2018 season currently underway!
Statistics - Batting
Career Statistics - Batting
2004161Backup Catcher787431628184182333421933200N/A2030.2990.3770.4090.78644.575.930.313
2005171Backup Catcher726829025477142540402534110100.001810.3030.3860.4330.81944.806.680.320
2006181Starting Catcher1491486315531582727668441674120100.004180.2860.3630.3800.74381.915.290.295
2007191278571Starting Catcher8583379341101171149551234180100.002580.2960.3590.3610.72045.584.770.302
Career1278574Starting Catcher3843731616142942076716188221971688210100.0010600.2940.3690.3900.759216.825.520.304