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Yan, Nathan #38

Gender: M
Birthdate: 1988-01-19

2003: Starting Pitcher (#1 Starter), salary: $3
Statistics - Pitching
2004: Starting Pitcher (#1 Starter), salary: $3
Statistics - Pitching
2005: Starting Pitcher (#1 Starter), salary: $3
The starting ace was dominant yet again this year, as Yan brought his lights-out pitching to an entirely new level. Once again finished 30-2 (he's been 30-2 in 32 starts in all three seasons), Yan finished with an astounding 0.98 ERA and 0.48 WHIP, not to mention a godly 0.19 Component ERA. Padding his power numbers, Yan also struck out 469 batters in 276 innings this year, obliterating his previous career record of 444 K's in 276 2/3 innings in 2003 and setting a 15.3 K's per 9 innings mark. Yan also set career highs with 31 quality starts, 25 complete games, and 14 shutouts, and highlighted the season with astounding performances, including his 10-inning 1 hit shutout on opening day, FOUR 1-hitters and a no-hitter (1 on-base-by-ERROR short of a perfect game). Yan also pitched five consecutive shutouts in September, and currently holds a 28-game winning streak.
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2006: Starting Pitcher (#1 Starter), salary: $3
It was a career season upon career seasons for Yan, who came in knowing he would dominate once again in 2006, and still blew away everyone’s expectations. His WHIP remained roughly the same at 0.47, but his ERA plummeted to 0.79, his ERC down to 0.06, and most amazingly, his Ks per 9 innings skyrocketed to a blistering 18 K’s per 9 inning. While Yan jokingly referred to going after the 500-K mark, no one imagined he could actually approach it, until he started piling up the strikeouts with monstrous games, including four 19-K games, five 20-K games, four 21-K games. His season was highlighted by two consecutive starts in June-July, where he threw a 21-K no-hitter, and followed it up the next start with an 11-inning, 1-hit, 25-K shutout. He topped 100 K’s in May, July, and September, and ended the season with a staggering 568 strikeouts, obliterating the league record of 469 he set last year. What’s next on the list for Yan – 700? The sports writers will be careful what they predict next year – the limits of Yan’s ability these days is virtually limitless.
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2007: Starting Pitcher (#1 Starter), salary: $7000000
2007 season is underway!
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Career Statistics - Pitching
2003153#1 Starter3232302000276.67185124518944421102887.506.311.461.130.980.730.3190.1860.2060.2480.45414.4453.4916.44
2004163#1 Starter3232302000277.33165737301036622113196.887.311.200.901.380.700.2630.1700.2030.2300.43311.8843.999.15
2005173#1 Starter3232302000276.0011393020646925143196.886.910.980.200.580.480.2250.1200.1440.2090.35315.2956.6418.04
2006183#1 Starter3232301000284.0010042533656826123196.887.310.790.08-0.010.470.2530.1050.1400.1930.33418.0066.6714.56
2007197000000#1 Starter3434331000296.00104430241060229153397.067.090.910.03-0.120.430.2540.1040.1330.1840.31818.3067.7917.71
Career7000012#1 Starter16216215380001410.00667361671254124491236215495.066.991.070.420.540.560.2650.1370.1660.2130.37915.6357.9014.75